W.R.U. Lottery

Latest WRU Lottery Winners

Lottery Drawn on 15 January 2018, Principality Stadium.

Prize Number Winner Nominated Club/Section
Main Prize 34445 Nantymoel RFC Nantymoel RFC
£300 6275 Cogan Cornation/C Inst Penarth RFC
£100 14627 P R Wydenbach Swansea RFC
£100 50762 £1 Ticket Holder Amman United RFC
£100 35600 A Hawkins Caerphilly RFC
£100 15988 E B Hughes Aberystwyth RFC
£100 20655 J Lowe Llandudno RFC
£100 6612 A R Denning Brynmawr RFC
£100 56355 £1 Ticket Holder Aberystwyth RFC
£100 30998 £1 Ticket Holder Pencoed RFC

About the WRU Lottery

11 May 2017

The Welsh Rugby Union Lottery was established in 1994. The scheme successfully generates crucial revenue for rugby clubs, schools rugby and youth rugby throughout Wales, ensuring the growth and future of the game at grass roots level.

Through selling lottery tickets to supporters and members, rugby clubs are able to reap the benefits from their retail efforts as well as providing their fans with the chance to win some superb prizes. Lottery tickets are sold in books of six tickets and each book costs £6.00 equating to a mere £1.00 per ticket.

A club can expect to earn between 35% and 45% of the income from each ticket sold: the percentage increases in accordance with ticket sales. Clubs can generate anything between £500 and £10,000 each year to further the development of their club. Rugby clubs purchase their own allocation of tickets and sell them on to individuals. Additionally, individuals can purchase tickets outside of a club environment by setting up a direct debit for a monthly subscription (form available to download here). Subscribers nominate either a club they wish to support, or if they would rather see their contribution to the WRU Lottery benefiting youth initiatives, they can support either schools rugby or youth rugby.

At present, almost 7,000 tickets are entered into each monthly draw with at least 35% of the monthly income being invested in the game. Since its inception of the WRU Lottery, £500,000 has been generated for the development of community and youth rugby.

The tenth anniversary of the WRU Lottery was marked in February 2004 with a special draw at the Millennium Stadium before the RBS Six Nations Wales v Scotland match. Club successes within the Lottery scheme include Aberystwyth, who a few years ago averaged just short of four hundred books of tickets per month earning themselves over £8,000 in a season. Their ticket holders are particularly successful as many tickets have benefited from the hundred pound prizes whilst a few lucky winners were rewarded for their contribution to the development of Welsh rugby with new cars!

Draws take place on the 15th of each month.  Winners are notified in writing the following day whilst clubs receive details of the winners, along with a newsletter giving information on ticket sales by club and by district. Lottery results are published here on the WRU Website and also in print the day after the draw in the Western Mail, and in the Liverpool Daily Post on the 17th of each month.